It’s not a quick read, but this article in Times magazine very well written so I am sharing it. I have to admit, the whole notion that at any moment, even with insurance, any of us might have to declare bankruptcy because of the costs of a major health event, does scare me a bit. And healthcare is one of those areas where a free-market approach does not work really well. After all, letting markets take their time sorting it out through competition amongst providers is not exactly the priority when lives are at stake. And at the same time extending a government bureaucracy further into our lives is not exactly an attractive option either. What we need is a new model for delivering and managing healthcare. The sad things is that I participated in many discussions around this and heard many ideas where the combination of intelligent and non-partisan policy design (good luck with that), innovative technology (there is good progress being made), smart market oversight (something like the SEC but more dynamic), etc. could solve many of the problems, but none of the participants in those discussion, including me, has enough resources as an individual to start a crusade to fix this. Because that’s exactly what it will take. A crusade!