I needed both a mental break, and something to jar my brain’s innovation center before I hunkered down to design and write a product strategy for a client, so I decided to watch this video monologue by Jaron Lanier.  I had the privilege of spending a day with him in London, almost twenty years ago, at a strategy design session I was running for a global company, and I was fascinated by his thought process, his understanding of computers (some call him the father of Virtual Reality),  and his ability to see connections and draw parallels twenty and thirty years into the future.  Well, this video did not disappoint me.   It will require patience, because it’s an hour long and like all geniuses, Jaron sometimes is hard to follow, but if you have time to dedicate to mind-bending. watch “The Local-Global Flip, or, “The Lanier Effect”.   Unfortunately it does not run on the iPad, being a flash video, but this is one you should watch with your feet up on the desk and a glass of wine.