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Please don’t let me be misunderstood

Do you ever ask yourself “why am I not being understood?” I used to. Not as much anymore. While there are many reasons for that, one may be the consistency in the language we use. The structure of our sentences communicates more than just what we’re saying. How and when we use certain words can […]

Careful who you hand the wheel to in a crisis…

The immediate focus of most companies is shifting from Long Term to Short Term, and from Innovation and Growth to Cost Control and Operational Efficiency. Many Boards and CEO’s, as they should, are assessing the “people at the wheel” across divisions or functions trying to determine fit for the current environment. Unfortunately, some think this […]

The Savvy and the Predator Investors Amongst Us

As an entrepreneur or CEO, it can be hard to distinguish between a savvy investor and a predatory investor. While both provide capital in exchange for a return on their investment, savvy investors also provide support regardless of market condition. Conversely, predatory investors mainly seek to take advantage of companies and founders during rough markets […]