KenKunsmanKen is a dynamic senior executive with a 20-year track record of achieving strategic objectives, profitable P&L management, and brand leadership. Often referred to as a “sales” guy for his success in growing revenue and sales teams,Ken is a Marketing executive at heart and has launched market-changing business concepts. Two philosophies guide his approach to successful sales execution: don’t send a sales force up a hill it can’t take, and never send a sales rep into battle unarmed. Ken draws upon valuable lessons from successful sales methodologies to install the right systems for your business, to maximize revenue realization and client engagement.
On the Marketing front, which Ken thinks should be the driver of any business, he draws upon experience developing and executing go-to-market plans for both SMB and enterprise firms, in nearly every stage of corporate and product maturity. Starting with a keen understanding of addressable market,Ken is driven by the principle of ideal customer criteria, which helps business leaders avoid shiny object syndrome – the temptation to chase every opportunity. Ken’s philosophy for Marketing:If you are not #1 or #2 in your space, create a new space.
Starting in 2000,Ken expanded his Sales &Marketing chops to the government arena, leading the charge to change laws in seven states that both provided viability for a new product he was launching and created barriers to entry for competitors. He expanded his government relations campaign to the federal level to both win new clients and steer favorable regulatory standards that fueled the product’s rocket-like revenue growth ($0 to $12 million in 4 years). Most recently,Ken led efforts to win two state-wide contracts in the health insurance arena. Government contracting requires stamina, courage and an unparalleled attention to detail. Ken is thrilled to help organizations willing to demonstrate these characteristics in pursuit the great rewards available to them.
Some key accomplishments include:
• Launched market-disrupting technology from a concept and grew it to $12M within four years
• Led an unprofitable business line turn-around to a 40% GP improvement within one year
• Restructured 100-FTE unit and re-negotiated a $5M/YR contract to improve GP 20% within one year
• Led strategic business development partnerships and joint marketing teams, including acquisitions

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