Dear friends,
As you know, for the last ten years I have volunteered as activity staff teaching Karate for Camp Sunshine, a summer camp for children with cancer, ages 7 to 18.

Children with cancer are normal kids with special needs who want to participate fully in the everyday experiences of growing up. Camp Sunshine provides kids with cancer the opportunity to enjoy activities like swimming, horseback riding, pottery and making friends!

This summer, as Camp Sunshine celebrates its 30th Anniversary, I will be participating in the Keencheefoonee Road Race – an all-volunteer event to raise money that will send more children to Camp Sunshine. Keencheefoonee is the name of the road where our summer camp is located. I will get up extra early Tuesday morning during camp and will walk to send more kids to summer camp!

I will be walking with my friends and co-instructors Steve Brown, Tara Freidman, and Victor Torres who have also been volunteering their time to this wonderful cause.

As many of you know, I consider this time at Camp Sunshine to be one of the most important things I do all year.

I hope you will consider donating to this event. My goal is to raise $10,000. Please get your donation to me before camp in June or you can go online and donate at:

Although no child should have to endure childhood cancer, all children should be able to go to summer camp! I hope you will consider helping me send more kids with cancer to Camp Sunshine.


Chuck Papageorgiou
Karate Instructor Jr. Week

* Please make checks payable to Camp Sunshine. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law. Camp Sunshine is a 501(c)3 organization.

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Chuck Papageorgiou