Chris Amazeen


Financial Recovery & Restructuring Operations

Chris has more than 25 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, turnaround manager, and investor. His deep expertise in finance, marketing, and customer service has been the foundation for launching, running, turning around, and investing in multiple start-ups and successfully turning around several failing businesses.

Chris’ career has spanned a wide range of businesses, from financial services, to technology, to the service industry. What he found is that while each industry has its specific demands and disciplines, certain laws are universal. Having a valuable product customers want to buy, marketing it well, taking good care of customers, and managing company finances is a must. In every one of Chris’ projects, his unique background training in customer service, marketing, and finance, has served him, and more importantly his clients, well.

This view of business was the basis for Chris’ founding Funding Strategy Partners, a small business investment firm. FSP provided working capital to fundamentally good companies experience fixable, short-term challenges.

Prior to FSP, Chris executed a series of turnaround assignments, for companies as small as $1 million in sales to $100 million, and in industries from software to financial services. Chris’ early career included MBNA America (now Bank of America), First National Bank of Chicago (now JP Morgan Chase), and Signature Group (formerly GE Capital).

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