Diego F. Hernandez, Psy.D.

Executive Performance

Dr. Diego is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who helps IdeaSphere corporate, and entrepreneurial clients move from “stuck” to “seeing clearly”, as an Executive Performance Consultant. With an extensive athletic and special forces combat training background experience, Dr. Diego helps top performers overcome inhibitions and catapults executive performance with measurable results.

Dr. Diego is an expert in enhanced performance adaption, combat trauma, hosting retreats and private therapy with active-duty military and Veterans. He has worked with Special Operations Warriors to overcome performance challenges, and return to the fight, as well as transition to the next set of challenges in life.

These same techniques have proven effective in working with executives and athletes. We not only make decisions in business using our knowledge and experience, but we also make them using our body, which is designed for fight or flight and staying alive, rather than enduring the continuous stress of high performance environments. His consulting helps develop the body’s ability to approach situations more efficiently, much like a Special Forces operator.

Change can create a stressful environment, and Dr. Diego teaches mindfulness, relaxation, and mediation skills for coping in demanding human performance environments, both to enhance performance and manage specific stressors or illness.

Dr. Diego is the Clinical Director of Military and Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) Research at the University of South Florida and co-author on numerous peer reviewed ART publications. He is an internationally known speaker and co-publisher with sixteen years of experience teaching at the university level.

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