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Developing and validating ideas and business plans by connecting our early stage clients with investors and the venture capital community.


Leading client executive teams through strategy sessions and the development of strategic plans and transition strategies. Acting as a sound board and coaching executives at all levels.


Undertaking in depth reviews and assessments of operational and technology practices, developing actionable migration and transition plans,and leading the change efforts.


Providing hands-on advisory services to companies that need leading edge, experience-based advice to supplement the skills of their existing management team.

Knowing when size matters

Two situations, same decision process, different decisions because of understanding of “Size”. A – Very Large Company A (vlcA) is looking for a supplier to provide a specialized service. The team assigned completes their research and determines Small Company B (scB) has the best product/solution and makes the recommendation to the executive team. The executive […]

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The Discipline of Conversations

Absent the brain of a genius or the family fortunes of a mogul; The ability to manage interactions, negotiations, tough conversations, and touchy situations has been a characteristic of successful people since the beginning of time. It’s a subject I frequently talk about and get invited to present at various conferences. A few weeks ago, […]

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